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Generating reliable, real-time project reports is one of a project manager’s greatest pains. The value of project reports is immeasurable: they help you not only to observe results, but also to predict and measure milestone completion.

However, before reports can be relied upon, verification of data integrity is paramount. Historically, the manual consolidation of data across multiple sources and platforms is a backbreaking process for any project manager. Today, construction project management software enables project managers to generate accurate, real-time reports at the click of a button.

Tune into this webinar to hear how some of the industry’s most influential leaders are utilizing automated reporting tools to generate real-time insights and reliably predict project milestones.

  • Gary Younger – Director, Program/Project Controls at Northeastern University
  • Peter Urban – Vice President, KFA, Inc.
  • Susan Parker – Product Manager, e-Builder, a Trimble Company


Topics we will cover:

  • What an organization needs to manage a capital program:
    • How to get started
    • Data, dashboards, what do we need to capture?
    • How do I satisfy the needs of all these different stakeholders?
    • How do I get started on reporting?
  • Data structure, data sources:
    • Are there reports that make more sense for one Industry/Vertical than another? If so, which are those?
  • Automation and efficiency aspects of reports, how are these used? Versus a manual, one-time generation
    • Extent of data to pull in?
    • Integration: Bringing in information from other systems?

When making an informed decision around the future of your construction project, the quality of your decision-making abilities is only as strong as the data behind the decision. Whether it’s a question around funding status, project timeline and delivery, operational progress, or a cost-related decision — the integrity and timeliness of the data behind the decision are paramount.

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