Mindful Leadership – The value in being valued

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (and reading) about mindfulness in leadership; or to coin a term gaining popularity in the business world, “Mindful Leadership”.

For the uninitiated, “Mindful Leadership” is an ideology inspired by eastern practices focused on positive introspection and growth in ones’ ability to “be in the present moment” while increasing one’s capacity for patience, tolerance, and personal […]

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User Acceptance Testing: A “test drive” Analogy

I love analogies — I really do. I use them constantly because I find them to be very helpful in conveying a concept, particularly when discussing technical subject-matter with team members, executive management, and customers.

There’s one rather dog-eared analogy I pull from my “PM Toolbox” when engaging in conversations with my customers about user acceptance testing (UAT) and new […]

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Don’t Give Me What I Ask For, Give Me What I Need!

As a kid back in the early seventies I often visited my father’s office at his private practice as a physician in the small seaside community where I grew up.  I even worked for him on occasion, including one whole summer when I was 15.  Dad’s private office, where he consulted with his patients and dictated patient notes for […]

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