KFA provides the Transportation industry with a range of effective IT solutions and services, including

  • Capital Facilities IT Strategy
  • Project Collaboration and Management Systems
  • Asset Inventory and Condition Databases
  • Field Data Collection Tools
  • Engineering Document Management Solutions
  • Workflow Automation
  • Transit Passenger Information
  • Application Training and Support

For any Building Owner or Project Team, KFA is an invaluable source of IT standards, processes and tools for improving project performance, validating electronic deliverables and minimizing data turnover time and expense.

KFA brings Healthcare organizations experience, tools and processes that control project costs and schedule and deliver validated project data for downstream operations. We use highly automated techniques to document existing facilities, including MEP systems.

KFA’s IT services and solutions for Cultural Institutions span building documentation to facility management solutions, to electronic archive solutions for digital collections.

KFA’s understanding of and experience in the capital facilities Industry has enabled many Software Companies to target features and functionality precisely. The CAD for Principals’ CAD Software Evaluation project (2001) was the first time actual users evaluated CAD products based on “next-generation” requirements defined by principals of design firms. It set the stage for an industry-wide discussion of the emerging BIM technology.